Custom Framed Window Sticker Samples

We love creating custom-framed reproduction window stickers as much as our clients love displaying them in their garage or den!  Stuttgart Studios offers the ultimate conversation piece by developing your window sticker to exacting specs based on the original, adds MOTIF® digital aging/weathering if applicable, then mounts the print in a double-matted custom frame specific to your window sticker dimensions. […]

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Another Happy Customer

We have a real soft spot for mid-engine Porsches and the Cayman S is no exception. It’s one of our personal favorites and perhaps that’s one of the reasons we keep one parked in our own garage!  While some consider the car a poor man’s 911 or a Boxster with a roof, the Cayman really is a car unlike any other in the Porsche lineup.  The rigid chassis, cornering ability, balance, utility, and practicality of the Cayman make it one of the best driver’s cars in the world. That’s something no longer up for debate. […]

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