Progress has been ongoing throughout the last quarter of 2017 to offer additional window sticker designs for Porsche and BMW and we’re happy to announce the availability of 1998-2003 (E39) M5 window stickers to our product lineup.

The early 2000’s BMW stickers all share a similar background design, and this new project re-created the background to account for these vehicles. We’re dubbing the background “Grey Twisties” because the background image is most-often seen as a black-and-white background on original BMW window stickers. Occasionally the BMW print shop ran into small issues with ink delivery and these backgrounds may also appear with a slight Sepia or Violet hue. Don’t worry, we can reproduce these slight variances as a special request for no additional charge.

The Grey Twisties background will allow us to complete more window stickers for older BMW vehicles — including other M-series and perhaps Z-series cars — from this same time period.  Combined with other BMW window sticker designs Stuttgart Studios has already created, we’re slowly but steadily filling the gaps to ensure we can offer a product for all aforementioned vehicles from 1995 onward.

To request a reproduction window sticker for your E39 M5 or any other BMW of special significance, fill out our Get Started form and send us your information so we can provide a quality and accurate reproduction sticker you’ve been missing.