Stuttgart Studios has launched the Porsche® 918 Spyder window sticker designs for the former Nuburgring lap record supercar that originally stickered for $845,000 before options and accesssories.

The 918 stickers are unique in many respects, first and foremost by the special hybrid and full electric performance and fuel economy information contained on the document. Basic manufacturer specifications are contained in the left side under “Standard Equipment”, while additional details are provided on the right side of the window sticker — including special graphics and details within the EPA box.

Because the 918 is so versatile and offers many different ways to power the car — including full electric power — the amount of information needed to score the vehicle for emissions and smog scores make things exceedingly complicated.  The choice of gasoline, hybrid, and full electric power options give the 918 unprecedented range and fuel economy for a car with a top speed of over 200mph and 0-60mph times faster than both the LaFerrari and P1.

A total of 918 cars were built, with approximately 300 reaching the USA.