We recently had the pleasure of completing a reproduction novelty window sticker for 2007 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti F1, finished in Silverstone over Cuoio.  The special project was commissioned to celebrate this Italian V12 supercar, capable of carring four adults comfortably at nearly 200mph.  Designed to replace the 456, the 612 boasted 533bhp and shared the same engine as the 575 Superamerica.

This particular window sticker design [seen here] posed a unique set of challenges, taking things in a much different direction than Porsche or BMW. Ferrari uses a window sticker size significantly smaller than other makes, adding to the scaling challenge to get dimensions perfect and avoid inaccurate proportions and possible skewing of line art and syntax.

We love taking on special projects as time allows, demonstrating our design capabilities beyond Porsche and BMW.  As more commissioned projects are completed, it also brings us closer to expanding our official lineup of makes and models as additional requests are received based on previously-created artwork in our portfolio.  There’s no telling if or when Ferrari might one day become a standard product for us, but we’re excited to work on vehicles sporting the Prancing Horse when the circumstances are favorable.

If you have a late-model Ferrari delivered with a similar window sticker design as the 2012 612 Scaglietti, fill out our Getting Started form and we’ll assess the available information and provide a custom quote.