More and more McLaren owners are reaching out to Stuttgart Studios to furnish replacement, novelty reproduction window stickers. We’ve heard you loud and clear and recently added late-model 720S window sticker artwork to our 2021 portfolio.  The newer McLaren designs differ moderately from the MP4-12C artwork developed last year. On the surface the changes appear insignificant, but the devil is in the details.

The 720S was the follow-up to the 650S and 675 Long Tail (LT). It wasn’t just window-dressing however; it was a complete redesign.  The 720S received the upgraded M840T engine bumping displacement from 3.8 to 4.0 liters.  Horsepower was also increased to over 700.  Significant exterior styling changes also took place, making it one of the best-looking (and highest-performing) supercars on the market — and addressed some owner concerns that prior McLaren models lacked a recognizable design language.

The 720S window sticker design process started with replacing the header graphic in the masthead area of the artwork. The black and orange abstract design was swapped out for a panoramic image of the McLaren headquarters in Woking, UK.  From there, additional styling changes included border elements, fonts, spacing and kerning, EPA layouts, alignments, secondary elements and markers, as well as strict adherence to re-generating new McLaren formatting mistakes and typos.

While this new format works for the 720S, it should also work for other late-model McLarens as well.

If you have a 720s or any other late-model McLaren and your original window sticker has been lost or misplaced, fill out our Get Started form and start the process today!