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BMW M3 Window Stickers Added to Product Lineup

Stuttgart Studios, the leading provider of novelty reproduction window stickers for German sports cars, announces the official launch of BMW M3 window sticker reproductions for various years and models of BMW’s venerable “M” car lineup.  Initially offered on a limited basis, Stuttgart Studios will slowly expand the offerings to a wider selection of BMW Motorsport cars over the next several months to complement the Porsche® window sticker reproductions already being offered for vehicles 1970-2017. […]

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Carrera vs Carrara: Which is Correct?

Everyone knows about the 911 Carrera, but what about a white Carrera?  There’s Grand Prix White, Glacier White, and even Carrara White.  That’s right, a Carrera in Carrara White — not Carrera White.  But why? The spelling of Carrara White is not a mistake, and it’s not an homage to the 911 Carrera either.  That both the car and the paint color share the same name is entirely a coincidence and a different spelling entirely deliberate. […]

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2013 Year in Review

It’s hard to believe 2013 is nearly over — as we get older the years seem to mysteriously turn over much faster than those of our unabashed youth.  Nonetheless, it was a great one for Stuttgart Studios and hopefully for our clients as well.  We are already planning for 2014, but before we close out 2013 completely it’s the perfect time to look back on the past year and go over the details. […]

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2014 Window Sticker Design Officially Launches

After considerable R&D, Stuttgart Studios is proud to announce the official launch of 2014 Porsche® window sticker reproductions.  While its still 2013, the 2014 models have been at dealerships for several months and as more vehicles get bought and sold, owners of late-model Porsches® will find their original window stickers missing. […]

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