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Hand-built. One window sticker at a time.

Nobody knows window stickers like us! Even similar-looking stickers from different model years have numerous discrepancies that are subtle and easy to miss.  A mis-placed period, extra pagination, or slight alignment offset is oftentimes the difference between getting it close and getting it right. We know where to look to uncover all of the “golden eggs” that make your sticker unique to other stickers that look identically formatted upon first inspection.

We reference our vast database of historical sales information to input base MSRP, options pricing, delivery charges, inspection charges, total MSRP, and EPA mileage estimates to accurately reflect the client’s original window sticker when it was delivered to the first owner. We also leverage an archive of authentic window stickers of various manufacturers, models, and years to reproduce the formatting and syntax precisely to the original – even with accidental mis-alignments, errors, and misspellings true to the original.

Utilizing tools such as Adobe Illustrator Creative Suite, On1, Suitcase Fusion, and other software, we work with painstaking care to re-create your window sticker to exacting specification true to the original.

Stuttgart Studios reproduction window stickers are the exact same size as the original and may be ordered in standard format (plain), laminated, or with custom-framing! Looking to wow your car show crowd or make a definitive statement with your vintage European sports car? Add our MOTIF DigiDamage to create a unique digitally-created nostalgic look that adds aging, weathering, and imperfections to your final design.

We’re fanatical about accuracy. We’re committed to representing every reproduction window sticker truthfully, just as it left the showroom floor.
We will NOT add features, options, adjust pricing or EPA estimates, or otherwise alter any part of the Stuttgart Studios window sticker to mis-represent a vehicle. Any vehicle with options, add-ons, or accessories installed after the vehicle reached port cannot be added to the window sticker. This includes dealer add-ons even if those dealer add-ons were factory options. Such options did not appear on the original window sticker.

The Six Step Process…

The client fills out an online “Get Started!” form to provide us basic contact information and vehicle specifics. Give us details like the VIN, year, make, model, color, and any other intel you think will help us authenticate your car. Attach a photo of your vehicle as well as any documentation to expedite the creation process. Finally, tell us what kinds of Stuttgart Studio products you’re interested in.  We’ll respond in 24 hours.

Once we receive the completed “Get Started!” form, we’ll follow up with the client and provide an initial assessment of the vehicle information and determine whether it’s complete or incomplete to reproduce the window sticker.  We’ll ask additonal questions (if necessary) about the vehicle if the details are incomplete, and provide advice and direction on how best to retrieve the missing information as the owner of the vehicle if we’re unable to gather it ourselves . Don’t worry. We know all the right questions to ask. The more information owners can provide us, the better.

Once the initial reply and assessment to the client has been completed, we’ll tag-team with the client to fill in any missing blanks. Stuttgart Studios will scour the catalogs to determine if remaining information is available to create an accurate window sticker or if the burden to provide the outstanding missing information must fall on the owner. If all of the pieces are there, the job officially begins. From our side, we’ll first confirm that the window sticker artwork has been previously-drawn and is ready to go. Next, we’ll check our pricing and options catalogs to confirm vehicle specs provided by the owner. If everything checks out and the vehicle has been properly authenticated, the work begins!

Secure Online Payments with Paypal!Once we’ve confirmed artwork availability, vehicle specs have been authenticated, and pricing/dealer/EPA info has been discovered and verified, we’re ready to take payment and begin the creation phase.  Our online payment gateway is Paypal and we’ll send an email invoice based on your product requests. Follow the instructions in the email invoice to pay online with either a Paypal account or a credit card. You do NOT need a Paypal account to make a payment!

This is where the sausage is made. Stuttgart Studios creates your window sticker from scratch!  Every vehicle is essentially a “1 of 1” automobile based on make, model, color, and vehicle specs, so we treat every vehicle with white gloves whether it’s a $15,000 BMW or a $900,000 Porsche. There is no such thing as an “easy” window sticker for this very reason. Properly authenticating your vehicle(s) is as important as the graphic design. We’re maniacal about accuracy!  Several PDF email drafts may be provided as the artwork unfolds to ensure client and developer are on the same page.

USPS Priority MailUPS GroundOnce the client has sanity-checked the final PDF draft (VIN, original sold-by dealer, options, etc) and green-lights the production, we’ll print, laminate, and/or framed your reproduction window stickers and get them shipped out as soon as possible! Most window stickers are completed and shipped within 3-5 business days after final approval of the client. We ship via USPS Priority Mail and UPS Ground — both insured delivery!

Protecting Privacy

* We value your privacy. We do not share your personal or vehicle information with anyone and do not sell our client lists to third parties.
** We require ALL owners to email a photo of their VIN and factory options code sticker (if applicable) to verify ownership and accuracy. No exceptions.

Digging for Data…


Vehicle Identification Number

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or Serial Number, must be provided by the owner. We require a photo of every VIN to prove ownership and establish a starting point in project development. Most VINs/SNs are located inside the front windshield, driver’s door jam, or vehicle warranty books/materials. VIN/SNs are up to 17 characters in length and DO NOT contain the letters “O” or “I”.

Exterior Color

Paint/Canvas Top Colors

All paint colors have a description and a color code used by the factory at the time of assembly. Some window stickers display one or the other, or both. Some names are in English, others in native tongue. Occasionally vehicles were also painted in a special non-factory color. If you’re unsure about exterior paint colors/codes, we’ll help determine it for you.

Interior Color

Upholstery and Carpets

Interior colors have a description and/or code too. Oftentimes the interior color code also specifies the trim level such as cloth, leatherette, leather, or interior to sample. The interior description and/or color code (or both) appear on most authentic window stickers, which is why we need this info. If you’re unsure about your vehicle’s interior color or color code, we’ll help determine it for you.

Option Codes

Vehicle Specifications

Your vehicle came with options codes that correspond to the official build order from the factory. Some cars have a few option codes while others have many. Most codes are 2-5 characters and may appear on the vehicle itself or on a factory build sheet. Don’t know what or where your options codes are? No problem. If we can’t determine your specs ourselves, we’ll tell you where to find the information.

Just the FAQs

What is a Monroney label?2019-10-05T02:31:14-04:00

Senator Mike MonroneyMany owners refer to the dealer sticker as the Monroney label, named after Senator Mike Monroney (OK) who championed the cause for greater disclosure of basic vehicle information and easy-to-understand fuel mileage estimates in new automobiles.  Resulting in the Automobile Information Disclosure Act of 1958, the label is now ubiquitous in every dealer showroom.  While not all labels look the same, they must contain the same basic information.

The AIDA requires certain information to be present on every sticker, including but not limited to MSRP, a list of standard features, fuel economy estimates, and more recently, ratings that score environmental impact.  In most cases, the fuel economy and environmental score data are contained within a generic box designed and overseen by the EPA.  This box has been revised over the years as technology and environmental concerns have changed. Other parts of the label are left to manufacturers to design, provided the remaining pieces of required information are clearly published.

Under Title 15 of the United States Code, only the consumer is allowed to remove the label from the vehicle – presumably after the sale.

Are Stuttgart Studios windows stickers “real”?2019-10-05T02:31:03-04:00

All window stickers created by Stuttgart Studios are novelty reproductions. This means they are true and accurate representations of the original window sticker that appeared on the vehicle, in the dealer showroom, at the time of delivery. There is only one original window sticker created and printed by the manufacturer. Once it is lost, it is lost forever. Our products are artistic re-creations of that document. Stuttgart Studios is not affiliated with any manufacturer.

What does “novelty reproduction” mean?2019-10-05T02:31:25-04:00

1986 Mercedes Benz 560SL Window Sticker

All of our finished products are artistic re-creations meant to reflect the information contained on an original Monroney window sticker. We print all stickers on Inkpress Duo Matte 80# paper suitable for prints, laminations, or custom framing. Stuttgart Studios products are in no way meant to be passed off as the original piece of paper that appeared on the vehicle at the time of delivery. Our products are for novelty purposes only. We expect all clients to treat them in such a manner that does not misrepresent the actual age or origination of the document, despite the accuracy of the vehicle information the document represents.

Do all of your products include a printed disclaimer?2019-10-05T02:31:47-04:00

Yes. Every finished window sticker must include a small copyright/disclaimer: “© Stuttgart Studios. A reproduction.”  ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.  We are fanatical about representing our products accurately, and just as committed to ensuring our clients do the same.

Do I have to submit a photo of the VIN/Serial Number?2019-10-05T02:32:21-04:00

Yes –no exceptions. We are steadfast in our pursuit of accurate data, but more importantly the privacy and security of our clients. A photo of the vehicle VIN or Serial Number accomplishes two things: it proves the client is in possession of the vehicle and it helps us start the process of authenticating other information about the vehicle. We will NOT reproduce window stickers for third parties or “friends of a friend”. Only the actual owner of the vehicle may request our services. We reserve the right to refuse our services to anyone for any reason.

What if some information cannot be obtained to created a window sticker?2019-10-05T02:32:45-04:00

When we don’t have enough information to accurately reproduce a window sticker, we’ll be up front about it. Reasons some vehicles cannot be completed include but are not limited to: insufficient pricing or options information in our expanding database catalog; unavailable sticker syntax for a particular year, make and model; missing EPA mileage estimates, no tax or destination charge information, no VIN or serial number, and no options codes supplied by the owner. Stuttgart Studios has final authority in all cases when determining vehicle options and pricing. If we have reservations about the accuracy or availability of certain data required to reproduce a window sticker, we may terminate the project at our sole discretion and any payments received will be fully refunded within 30 days.

My car has special options that are not recorded anywhere, or factory options added later. Can I have those on the window sticker?2019-10-05T02:32:59-04:00

In most cases, no.  We must verify ALL options and pricing information on every project. If we cannot verify these options through option codes stickers, build sheets, or other resources, we may request further photos of the vehicle to provide sufficient proof that a specific option or trim exists.  Even so, such options may have been added after the initial dealer delivery. If we are not comfortable that the available information proves an option existed at the time of delivery, it MUST be omitted from the window sticker in spite of the client’s persuasion.  WE DO NOT ‘PAD’ VEHICLES WITH EXTRA OPTIONS AND PRICING in order to represent a vehicle for something it is not. This includes factory options that were added after the original sale.

Can you reproduce window stickers for countries other than the USA?2019-10-05T02:33:11-04:00

Sorry, we can only reproduce window stickers for cars that were originally sold in the United States. We cannot do Canadian cars or cars from overseas because we do not have window sticker artwork designed for other countries, and do not possess historical pricing and options information in other currencies. We also do not have environmental guideline information for other countries.

Why Choose Stuttgart Studios?

  • No one has been doing it longer or better! The purveyors of Automotive DNA since 2011!

  • Absolute commitment to precision and accuracy. The pitfalls are everywhere. This job ain’t for amateurs!

  • Extensive catalog of original data to fact-check historical information specific to your year, make, and model

  • Exact syntax, options, and pricing information

  • Manufacturer errors and omissions accurately reproduced! They are everywhere. We know where they are.

  • Paper, lamination, or custom framing options.

  • Leverage the power of MOTIF DigiDamage. Cutting-edge digital design taken to the next level!

  • Reasonable prices and fast shipping. Quality doesn’t have to cost a fortune. But you DO get what you pay for!

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