Creation Process

Step by Step: How it's Done

Nothing is more important to us than getting it right.  That why we’re committed to making every label as accurate as the original.  Every project and every client car is handled differently, because no two Porsches® are alike!



1The client fills out an online form about their needs. Basic information about the vehicle*, if known, is provided to us in order to process the request. We’ll respond in 24 hours.



2Once we receive the completed form, we’ll follow up with the client and ask important questions about the vehicle in order to fill in the remaining blanks. Don’t worry. We know all the right questions to ask. The more information owners can provide us, the better.**


3Based on all available information supplied by the owner, we scour our research catalogs to determine if remaining information is available and complete in order to create an accurate window sticker. If all of the pieces are there, the job officially begins.


4This is where the sausage is made.  Our team creates your window sticker and enhances the design with vintage age or weathering, if applicable. Several drafts may be provided as the process unfolds to ensure client and developer are on the same page.


5A final draft is provided for download and approval.  Because this is your car, it is important to review each final draft carefully.  Once approval is given, payment is made. We create the sticker in the format(s) on your order and deliver the product.

* We value your privacy. We do not share your personal or vehicle information with anyone and do not sell our client lists to third parties.
** We require ALL owners to e-mail a photo of their VIN and factory options code sticker to verify ownership and ensure accuracy. No exceptions.


The more information owners can provide us about their vehicle, the greater the chance we can fill in any remaining blanks and create an accurate reproduction window sticker. Details you can provide us that will help the creation process:

VIN The Vehicle Identification Number or Serial Number, must be provided by the owner. We require a photo of every VIN to prove vehicle ownership and establish a starting point in project development.

EXT COLOR/CODE All paint colors have a description and a specific two- or four-character color code used by the factory at the time of assembly.  Both the description and color code appear on most authentic window stickers, which is why we need both. If you know the description but not the paint code, we’ll help determine it for you.

INT COLOR/CODE Similar to exterior specifications, interior colors have a description a two-character code.  The interior color code also specifies the trim level such as cloth, leatherette, leather, interior to sample. The description and color code appear on most authentic window stickers, which is why we need both. If you know the description but not the two-character code, we’ll help determine it for you.

OPTIONS CODES Your vehicle came with options codes that correspond to the official build order from the factory. Some cars have a few option codes while others have many. Most codes are two- or four-characters and appear on the factory options sticker attached to your vehicle. Don’t know where your options sticker is located or what the codes mean? No problem. We’ll de-code the mystery for you.


1Nobody knows window stickers like us! Even similar-looking stickers from different model years have numerous discrepancies that are subtle and easy to miss.  A mis-placed period, extra pagination, or slight alignment offset is oftentimes the difference between getting it close and getting it right. We know where to look to uncover all of the “golden eggs” that make your sticker unique to other stickers that look identically formatted upon first inspection.

An initial consultation takes place to determine what vehicle information, if any, can be provided by the owner, including but not limited to year and model type, VIN, Porsche® option codes affixed to the car, a Certificate of Authenticity, and original sold-by Dealership from the Warranty Book. We’ll ask all the right questions.

2From there, we reference our vast database of historical sales information to input base MSRP, options pricing, delivery charges, inspection charges, total MSRP, and EPA mileage estimates to accurately reflect the client’s Porsche®. We also utilize an archive of authentic Porsche® window stickers of various models and years to reproduce the formatting and syntax precisely to the original – even with accidental mis-alignments, errors, and misspellings true to the original.

3A consensus is determined based on client-supplied data and Stuttgart Studios historical archives whether an accurate sticker can be made. Once that hurdle is complete, we begin the design process based on the client’s needs and budget.

4Utilizing tools such as Adobe Illustrator CS5, Adobe Photoshop CS5, and other software, we work with painstaking care to re-create your window sticker to exacting specification true to the original.

Stuttgart Studios Porsche® window stickers are the exact same size as the original and may be ordered in standard format (As New, Plain, No Aging), or custom-ordered to reproduce the tinted, weathered, cracked, and faded look to match the period correctness of your Porsche®.  We offer many options and perform one-off custom work for the most discriminating taste.

All custom Stuttgart Studios Porsche® window stickers are duplex printed with a reverse side that duplicates the aging or weathering that is displayed on the front. This is perfect for stickers displayed inside the vehicle’s window.


We’re fanatical about accuracy. We’re committed to representing every Porsche® truthfully, just as it left the showroom floor.  We will NOT add features, options, adjust pricing or EPA estimates, or otherwise alter any part of the Stuttgart Studios window sticker to mis-represent a vehicle.

No original Porsche® window sticker was 100.0% identical! Due to different printers, ink ribbons, paper alignments, and dealer-specific protocols, every sticker was printed with its own slight differences. Stuttgart Studios uses vast knowledge of existing authentic stickers to make those tough calls to ensure your reproduction window sticker is 100% true to the original standard deviation.


  • Absolute commitment to accuracy
  • Extensive catalog of original data
  • Exact syntax, options, and pricing
  • Errors and omissions accurately reproduced
  • Offset type to mimic form-fed alignment deviations
  • Plain or MOTIF® design
  • Paper, lamination, or custom framing options