Because Sittin’ Ain’t Sellin’

Stuttgart Studios works closely with dealers and resellers around the country to provide high-quality novelty reproduction window stickers for their European sports car inventory. Reproduction window stickers are a great way to communicate the original vehicle specifications to the buyer, while also serving as a valuable marketing instrument both online and in the showroom.  Don’t settle for generic specification summaries, build sheets, or “faux” looking window stickers from the “competition” — because Stuttgart Studios has NO competition!  Enjoy our reproductions knowing they look just like the original window sticker that came with the vehicle when delivered to the original owner.

We offer special delivery options, pricing, and turnaround times for ongoing dealer/reseller partnerships to ensure your sales materials meet your sales and advertising needs as inventory recirculates. Many of our dealers/resellers reach out to us as a new vehicle is inbound into inventory so we can immediately begin the process of recreating the window sticker while the car is in transit.  As the marketing team, webmaster, and other personnel create the sales materials online and in the showroom for inbound vehicles, our window stickers can arrive even before the vehicle when given the appropriate lead time.  This affords the dealers/resellers the opportunity to hit the ground running as soon as the car arrives, list it, and sell it ASAP.  Sitting cars aren’t selling cars and time is money!

Perks and Privileges

Special PDF-only format option not available to the public.  Fastest turnaround time, and easiest to leverage for online sales and marketing. This is typically the most popular option as it serves the sales department’s needs while leaving further window sticker format/fulfillment options to the next owner.

Special dealer/reseller pricing for PDF-only option, as well as discounted/free shipping on all prints. Save money by taking advantage of the PDF-only option (only available to dealers/resellers), or utilize hardcopies in your showroom!   Some restrictions apply.

Paying it forward! Clients that purchase vehicles from your dealership can opt to purchase prints, reprints, laminations, and framed prints through Stuttgart Studios at ala-carte pricing if you have previously ordered a window sticker format from Stuttgart Studios for the same VIN. The new owner does NOT have to purchase these products in the future at standard pricing! It’s an additional perk for your future customers by using our service to help market the vehicle prior to sale.

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