FAQs and Figures

Answers to Common Questions


What is a Monroney Label?
Many owners refer to the dealer sticker as the Monroney label, named after Senator Mike Monroney (OK) who championed the cause for greater disclosure of basic vehicle information and easy-to-understand fuel mileage estimates in new automobiles.  Resulting in the Automobile Information Disclosure Act of 1958, the label is now ubiquitous in every dealer showroom.  While not all labels look the same, they must contain the same basic information.

The AIDA requires certain information to be present on every sticker, including but not limited to MSRP, a list of standard features, fuel economy estimates, and more recently, ratings that score environmental impact.  In most cases, the fuel economy and environmental score data are contained within a generic box designed and overseen by the EPA.  This box has been revised over the years as technology and environmental concerns have changed. Other parts of the label are left to manufacturers to design, provided the remaining pieces of required information are clearly published.

Under Title 15 of the United States Code, only the consumer is allowed to remove the label from the vehicle – presumably after the sale.

Are Stuttgart Studios Window Stickers 'Real'?
All window stickers created by Stuttgart Studios are novelty reproductions.  This means they are true and accurate representations of the original window sticker that appeared on the vehicle, in the dealer showroom, at the time of delivery.  There is only one original window sticker created and printed by the manufacturer. Once it is lost, it is lost forever. Our products are artistic re-creations of that document.
What Does 'Novelty Reproduction' Mean?
All of our finished products are artistic re-creations meant to reflect the information contained on an original Monroney window sticker.  We print all stickers on Inkpress Duo Matte 80 paper suitable for prints, laminations, or custom framing. Stuttgart Studios products are, in no way, meant to be passed off as the original piece of paper that appeared on the vehicle at the time of delivery. Our products are for novelty purposes only.  We expect all clients to treat them in such a manner that does not misrepresent the actual age or origination of the document, despite the accuracy of the vehicle information the document represents.
Do All of Your Products Include a Printed Disclaimer?
Yes.  Every finished window sticker includes a small copyright and statement that that it’s a Reproduction.   We are fanatical about representing our products accurately, and just as committed to ensuring our clients do the same with our products.
What If Some Information Cannot Be Determined to Complete a Window Sticker?
When we don’t have enough information to accurately reproduce a window sticker, we’ll be up front about it.  Reasons some vehicles cannot be done include but are not limited to: insufficient pricing or options information in our expanding database catalog; unavailable sticker syntax for a particular year, make and model; missing EPA mileage estimates, no tax or destination charge information, no VIN or serial number, and no options codes supplied by the owner.  Stuttgart Studios has final authority in all cases when determining vehicle options and pricing. If we have reservations about the accuracy or availability of certain data required to reproduce window sticker, we may terminate the project at our sole discretion and any payments received will be fully refunded within 30 days.
Can You Reproduce Stickers For Porsches Sold Anywhere in the World?
We can only reproduce window stickers for cars that were originally sold in the United States. We cannot do Canadian cars or cars from overseas because we do not have window sticker artwork designed for other countries, and do not possess historical pricing information in other currencies.
Do I Have to Send You a Photo of My Options Code Sticker?
Yes –no exceptions.  We are steadfast in our pursuit of accurate data, but more importantly the privacy and security of our clients.  A photo of the vehicle options sticker accomplishes two things: it proves the client is in possession of the vehicle and it provides accurate data about the options and trim of the car.  We will NOT create window stickers for third parties or “friends of  friend”.  Only the actual owner of the vehicle may request our services. We reserve the right to refuse our services to anyone for any reason, including but not limited to apprehension about the relationship between prospective client and vehicle.
How Do We Verify Vehicle Information?
We collect pertinent vehicle information from clients and any outstanding details that remain unanswered are resolved through cross-checking the client vehicle with our vast database catalog of similar vehicles of year, make, and model.  Because of our extensive experience, our team is able to look for the right clues for a specific vehicle to fill in the missing information. The client is an integral part of the entire process. The more information an owner can provide, this easier our job becomes. However, we verify ALL information and client-supplied information must also pass our data checks and knowledge base to meet our strict quality control requirements.
My Car Has Special Option(s) That Are Not Recorded Anywhere. Can You Add Them to the Window Sticker?
In most cases, no.  We must verify ALL options and pricing information on every project. If we cannot verify these options through the options code sticker on the car, or through our database catalog, we may request further photos of the vehicle to provide sufficient proof that a specific option or trim exists.  Even so, such options may have been added after the initial dealer delivery. If we are not comfortable that the available information proves an option existed at the moment of delivery, it MUST be omitted from the window sticker in spite of the client’s persuasion.  WE DO NOT ‘PAD’ VEHICLES WITH EXTRA OPTIONS AND PRICING in order to represent a vehicle for something it is not.