Project Description

MODEL: 1992 Porsche 911 Turbo S2 Coupe
OWNER: Laurence G.


The Turbo S was an extremely rare spinoff of the 964 Turbo and it was never meant to be sold to the public. Originally designed to be a race car with help from Andial, the racing series ended before the production was finished. With parts left over and no race to go racing, Porsche commissioned Andial to complete the cars anyway and ultimately sell all 21 or 22 of them to the public. Most Porsche dealers were not even aware of the car so those that purchased the S2’s usually had inside information and a well-connected salesperson to reserve an allocation.  Today they are highly-valuable for both their rarity and their significant power upgrade from the standard Turbo — some say 375 bhp vs 322 bhp.

VIN removed from sample to protect owner’s privacy.