Project Description

MODEL: 2005 Porsche Carrera GT
OWNER: Amir H.


The Carrera GT marked the first true supercar in Porsche’s lineup since the 959 in the late 1980’s. Unlike the 959 however, the Carrera GT was for sale in the USA and rivaled the Ferrari Enzo in the battle for supremacy. Originally designed to race at Le Mans, the V10 engine was scrapped for racing when the rules changed and Porsche pulled their entries. With an engine but no race track, Porsche decided to develop a production car around it and sell it to the public. The Carrera GT is one of the only supercars ever built with a purpose-built engine designed to win Le Mans that ultimately found its way to a production car it was never intended to serve.

VIN removed from sample to protect owner’s privacy.