Project Description

MODEL: 2005 BMW M3 Coupe
OWNER: Chris R.


Introduced in 2001, the E46 M3 was a performance and design leap from the previous E36, so much in fact that BMW made a concerted effort to make all E46 M3s visually distinct from their 3-series cousins. That wasn’t the case with the E36. The car featured here was special ordered in Phoenix Yellow Metallic — an initial launch color along with Laguna Seca Blue back in 2001. By 2005 however the color proved unpopular and was removed from the BMW catalog, necessitating a special order. Overall, less than 2% of the nearly 44,000 M3s were delivered in this color, including less than 25 in the final two years of production (2005-2006).

VIN removed from sample to protect owner’s privacy.