Project Description

MODEL: 2008 BMW M3 Sedan
OWNER: Long N.


The E90 M3 was BMW’s first four-door M3 product since the E36 M3 in 1997-98.  Mechanically identical to the its E92 (coupe) and E93 (convertible) two-door cousins, the sedan was a less-expensive alternative to the pavement-crushing M5 that historically offered back-seat passenger fun.  The E92’s smaller footprint made it a great handling sedan and perhaps more suited for the twisty backroads and weekend precision-timing event in supermarket parking lots. BMW fans were happy to see the return of a four-door option to the entry-level M car, though it did not sell nearly as well (5,867) as the coupe (15,799).

VIN removed from sample to protect owner’s privacy.