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McLaren MP4-12C Window Stickers Now Available

When a job is well done, word gets around. Though focusing on Porsche and BMW window stickers, special projects also keep us busy at Stuttgart Studios.  We receive many requests to design novelty reproduction window stickers for other makes and models and hand-pick a few as time allows based on demand.  McLaren owners spoke up and today we’re delivering, the culmination of a significant R&D effort to accurately and respectfully recreate the vehicle “birth certificates” for British supercar fans in the USA. […]

Late Model Ferrari 612 Sticker a Special Project for Special Car

We recently had the pleasure of completing a reproduction novelty window sticker for 2007 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti F1, finished in Silverstone over Cuoio.  The special project was commissioned to celebrate this Italian V12 supercar, capable of carring four adults comfortably at nearly 200mph.  Designed to replace the 456, the 612 boasted 533bhp and shared the same engine as the 575 Superamerica. […]

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