We have a real soft spot for mid-engine Porsches and the Cayman S is no exception. It’s one of our personal favorites and perhaps that’s one of the reasons we keep one parked in our own garage!  While some consider the car a poor man’s 911 or a Boxster with a roof, the Cayman really is a car unlike any other in the Porsche lineup.  The rigid chassis, cornering ability, balance, utility, and practicality of the Cayman make it one of the best driver’s cars in the world. That’s something no longer up for debate.

So it should come as no surprise that we’re always excited to see Cayman owners looking for a reproduction window sticker from Stuttgart Studios.  Like owners speaking the same language, we know why others love these cars as much as we do, and we’re familiar enough with the vehicle’s fine details to ensure every window sticker leaves our studio more impressive than an untouched original.

Thanks to Lyle for sending us a photo of his arctic silver Cayman S posing with a recently-completed Stuttgart Studios window sticker.  Happy clients are what we’re all about.  Whether you’re a garage-queen collector, track junkie, or Porsche daily driver, our goal is to give every owner the same personal care and attention as everyone else.  For your own reasons, in your own way, you are living the dream. We’re here to fill in the missing details that tell the complete story about the birth of your car.