It’s been a busy last couple of months and our worker bees have been focusing attention on reproducing the artwork for 2013 Porsche window stickers. The new stickers are the most complex yet, with dramatically new EPA box and smog information, along with the increasingly complex and sometimes complicated syntax for Standard and Exclusive Options.

You can view an example of the new 2013 stickers in our portfolio here.

The 2013 stickers include specific EPA and smog information for each car, including smog ratings, CO2 amounts, estimated fuel costs, and the estimated price of fuel.  Many of these specifics are buried in the fine print of the sticker itself, making it especially important to correctly design both the obvious and less-than-obvious parts of the window sticker.

Despite the new addition to our design portfolio, it’s uncommon to receive requests for stickers for vehicles that are new or nearly new.  Most of those original window stickers remain with their respective vehicles and have not been lost or misplaced through the change of ownership yet. Most of our work pertains to vehicles at least 2-3 years old — with most vehicles in the 5-20 year range. But it’s never too late to prepare for the future in anticipation of future demand.