Busy Month of June at the Stuttgart Studios Labs

The month of June has been an especially busy one around the Stuttgart Studios coffee table.  In the last three weeks alone we’ve developed high-quality, novelty, reproduction window stickers for late-model 911 C4Ss, 911 Cabs, 997 Turbos, a mid-80s 911, and other vehicles with interesting spec sheets. […]

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Reflections on FA “Butzi” Porsche

It’s hard to imagine Porsche® without the 911 and its even more difficult to grasp the death of Ferdinand Alexander “Butzi” Porsche within the context of this: the most iconic sports car of the last 50 years outlasted the man at the drafting table responsible for the sketch-work, design, and ultimate production. Not many cars out-live their creator. Models come and go, transitioning from one name to another in a constant change of design, taste, and consumer interest.  Most models don’t last 10 years, let alone half a century.  A few sports cars like the Corvette and Mustang have labored [...]

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Winter Delight at Porsche of the Village

Representatives of Stuttgart Studios, along with our Porsche® friends, invaded Porsche of the Village in Cincinnati, OH, for their annual winter concours last month. The series known as “The Family Tree” showcased its third iteration, this time celebrating the history of the 911. […]

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