Its been a long winter and spring has finally arrived, although we’re finding it difficult to tell for sure considering Old Man Winter’s stubborn grip on the weather.  But that hasn’t kept us from working hard over the last couple of months to expand our collection of window sticker formats and widen our reach.

Just completed is a format used primarily between 1980-83 by Porsche+Audi, still a division of Volkswagen of America at the time.  Like all Porsche window stickers, there are no iron-clad rules of engagement: there’s some minor overlap of sticker formats prior to and following this era.  What differentiates these stickers from those in 1984 and beyond is the single column format for both standard equipment and optional accessories.  EPA information is also slightly changed, along with the informational area in the header.

The use of a single six character color code pre-dated the separate code for both exterior and interior colors. Porsche also offered special option groups that collated several popular options into one pre-packaged set price.

Our archives are growing for historical pricing and options information specific to cars using this new window sticker format, but our information is not complete.  If you have an early-1980s Porsche®, contact us and we’ll determine if all the information is available to reproduce a novelty window sticker for your vehicle.