After considerable R&D, Stuttgart Studios is proud to announce the official launch of 2014 Porsche® window sticker reproductions.  While its still 2013, the 2014 models have been at dealerships for several months and as more vehicles get bought and sold, owners of late-model Porsches® will find their original window stickers missing.

Many things have changed compared to the old window sticker design, including but not limited to a new masthead type, slight changes to fonts, leading, and kerning, and additional space for new features such as QR codes.  Each Porsche® model also receives a specific background line art silhouette representing the vehicle in the technical data box.   Also, back from a long absence is the venerable “Port of Entry” description — not seen since the late 1990s.

Most of the information contained in the EPA Information Box is a carry-over from past designs, but the box does contain specific fuel economy data for 2014 models only.

As each year passes, Porsche® continues to add complexity by offering more and more models and options.  There are currently almost a dozen 911 models, several types of Cayennes, along with different Boxsters and Caymans.  The ability to tailor a Porsche® with exclusive options down to deviated stitching, carbon fiber accents, and various leathers continues to make it more and more difficult to collect all of the necessary data to accurately reproduce window stickers.  While our 2014 design is now officially “in production”, we are still collecting data on all 2014 Porsche® models as the current inventory is not complete.

If you have a 2014 Porsche® and need a reproduction window sticker, fill out our Getting Started questionnaire and we’ll let you know if we have the necessary data.