Everyone knows about the 911 Carrera, but what about a white Carrera?  There’s Grand Prix White, Glacier White, and even Carrara White.  That’s right, a Carrera in Carrara White — not Carrera White.  But why?

The spelling of Carrara White is not a mistake, and it’s not an homage to the 911 Carrera either.  That both the car and the paint color share the same name is entirely a coincidence and a different spelling entirely deliberate.

Porsche® chose Carrara White because of its bluish-white tint.  The name Carrara comes from the city of Carrera in Tuscan, Italy where the marble stone of the same color is quarried.  Whether the decision-makers in Zuffenhausen chose Carrara White as a paint color because the name is catchy — we don’t know and I doubt anyone does for that matter.  But it’s not the first time Porsche® has chosen a color after a natural occurring color in nature or culture.  Guards Red, Marine Blue, Wimbledon Green, Signal Green, Arctic Silver, and Seal Grey are just a small sample of colors from the Porsche® palette that pull names from objects or observations of the world around us.  In fact, few other manufacturers have offered as many possible paint color options over the years, something that makes owning a Porsche® that much more special and individualized. And for those looking for a color off the beaten path, a Paint-to-Sample option (if approved) offers the buyer a bespoke experience from retired factory colors or new colors of the owner’s choice.

Next time you see a late-model 911 in white, it just might be a Carrara Carrera.