When a job is well done, word gets around. Though focusing on Porsche and BMW window stickers, special projects also keep us busy at Stuttgart Studios.  We receive many requests to design novelty reproduction window stickers for other makes and models and hand-pick a few as time allows based on demand.  McLaren owners spoke up and today we’re delivering, the culmination of a significant R&D effort to accurately and respectfully recreate the vehicle “birth certificates” for British supercar fans in the USA.

The MP4-12C was a game-changer in the automotive industry, but it’s no surprise that McLaren was the one to move the goalposts. A half-century of expertise in competitive racing, the 12C was not the company’s first attempt to break into the consumer market — that distinction belongs to the venerable McLaren F1. The F1 was the world’s first true hypercar, capable of exceeding 230mph and offering blistering acceleration that no other car could match then or for years to come.  The 12C is McLaren’s re-entry into the market and though not quite as groundbreaking because of the competitive marketplace, it’s still a car all other manufacturers had to take serious. With performance as good or better than the F1 at anything but the Mulsanne Straight, the 12C brought instant credibility back to McLaren — as if they never left the consumer market at all.

The MP4-12C debuted in 2012 with a coupe only. A year later the Spider was offered for top-down fun.  McLaren continued production for a couple more years before introducing the 650S and later the 675LT and P1 supercar. Today, the 720S and Senna are McLaren’s top offerings and are capable of going toe-to-toe with any performance sports car in the world.

The 12C window sticker design process was challenging like all of the other special projects taken on.  Every manufacturer has their own design language and approach, and they also have their own quirks, oddities, and inconsistencies from one window sticker to the next. Discovering those mismatches and differentiating the oversights from willful intention can take as long as the actual process of re-drawing the window sticker itself.  For every hour of design, we invest approximately 6-10 hours of research and development in order to accurately reconstruct a window sticker from past originals.  While some basic design elements are shared with other window stickers we offer — such as EPA boxes — each manufacturer puts their own unique fingerprints on every piece of information so that no two are ever alike. Once the R&D was completed, we consulted about a half dozen original McLaren MP4-12C window stickers to find the best path forward and start the drawing process.

The final step of the process is what we like to call “pixeling”.  This can take several days and involves interrogating every portion of the drawn sticker and making finely-tuned adjustments in fit, finish, alignment, color, and spacing that are at times un-noticable to our clients but ever-present to us.  Many of these tweaks are as small as a single pixel or two in order to make everything pass the eye test once owner has reproduction window sticker in hand.

If you have a MP4-12C and your original window sticker has been lost or misplaced, fill out our Get Started form and start the process today!