After six months in development, Stuttgart Studios announces the re-launch of a new and improved web site designed to better showcase, market, develop, and ultimately facilitate the delivery of novelty reproduction Monroney window stickers for European sports car owners.  Launched in 2011, Stuttgart Studios is the most-respected and widely-used resource for printed, laminated, and custom-framed reproduction window stickers including special commissioned projects for the most discerning clients. The new web site better illustrates past successes and leverages the additional choices and options that were added as part of the overall marketing strategy in conjunction with the enhanced online presence.

“The relaunch is more than just window dressing,” said Stuttgart Studios owner Chris Rieman. “We focused on improving the web site and how it communicates our passion for European sports cars and the clients we caretake, but we also wanted to take a hard look at the overall business model and make some important decisions on the overall direction.  To that end, we’ve not only defined what we do in a much clearer and more engaging way, but we’ve also scaled up our products to make our services more accessible to additional car enthusiasts than ever before.”

Originally started as a small business reproducing Porsche window stickers, Stuttgart Studios eventually added BMW M- and Z-series cars to its available inventory.  The launch of the new web site adds select vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, McLaren, Acura, Audi, and Honda. Additionally, the company’s popular MOTIF digital aging and weathering add-on has been renamed and greatly expanded to add more choices to help meet the needs of every taste.

“We’ve decided to rename it ‘MOTIF DigiDamage’ to clarify what it is and how it works, while the number of design choices has been expanded from 12 to well over 30,” Rieman said.  “We’ve kept some of the favorites like Suzuka and Nuburgring, but tweaked them a bit to catch up with improving software. We’re most excited about the additional design styles however. They are an order of magnitude beyond anything we’ve offered in the past in terms of uniqueness, style, and overall impact.  Discolorations, smudges, dirt, creases, and other clever digital tricks have been added. MOTIF has always been something that has defined our expressive nature and differentiated us in the marketplace. We never felt Stuttgart Studios had direct competition, but that’s even more self-evident with these improvements and additions.”

The web site incorporates more visually-pleasing design language to reflect the greater scope of the products and services now offered, alongside more straightforward navigation, an expanded portfolio, and a special effort to showcase the amazing client vehicles that have passed through the studio.

“I confess I’ve done a poor job over the years of highlighting the incredible collection of vehicles that we’ve been privileged to work on,” Rieman admitted. “The new web site does a much better job of addressing this shortcoming and so too our social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that now reaches more people on more platforms under the umbrella of our online footprint.”

Perhaps the most anticipated addition however is a new dealer and reseller companion service to cater to new and used car showrooms across the country where collector cars are oftentimes shopped and purchased. The web site includes a portal so companies can fill out a form and submit their application.

“We’ve done repeat business with select dealers and resellers in the past with much success,” Rieman said.  “Business owners asked us for more throughput in this area to help them authenticate their inventory and help sell their vehicles online and in their showrooms.  Our products fit that need very well and we’re able to offer some additional delivery choices to address their specific needs based on the urgency for online marketing and quick turn-arounds.”

Despite the improvements however, three things haven’t changed: accuracy, customer service and responsiveness, and product pricing.  While business costs escalate every year, Stuttgart Studios has managed to keep pricing unchanged since 2015.

“I’d be lying if I said it’s been easy,” Rieman shared. “Materials costs, hardware, software, licenses, and shipping rates have pushed back hard. Fortunately, as our costs have increased, so has our volume – allowing us to absorb some of the blowback and keep pricing affordable for all owners from all walks of life. For how long we can keep prices steady remains – in large part – to the rising cost of doing business from our third parties, partners, and shipping carriers. For now, we’re holding firm.”

Pricing begins at $129.95 for a plain paper reproduction window sticker. Laminated and custom double-matted framed print options are also available as standalone products or add-ons for those owners looking for something even more special.

For more information on the new web site, products, services, or to inquire about a novelty reproduction Monroney window sticker for your European sports car, visit Stuttgart Studios on the web at