Carrera vs Carrara: Which is Correct?

Everyone knows about the 911 Carrera, but what about a white Carrera?  There’s Grand Prix White, Glacier White, and even Carrara White.  That’s right, a Carrera in Carrara White — not Carrera White.  But why? The spelling of Carrara White is not a mistake, and it’s not an homage to the 911 Carrera either.  That both the car and the paint color share the same name is entirely a coincidence and a different spelling entirely deliberate. […]

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Another Happy Customer

We have a real soft spot for mid-engine Porsches and the Cayman S is no exception. It’s one of our personal favorites and perhaps that’s one of the reasons we keep one parked in our own garage!  While some consider the car a poor man’s 911 or a Boxster with a roof, the Cayman really is a car unlike any other in the Porsche lineup.  The rigid chassis, cornering ability, balance, utility, and practicality of the Cayman make it one of the best driver’s cars in the world. That’s something no longer up for debate. […]

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Options Redux: Exclusive Options from Porsche

We create a lot of reproduction window stickers, but one of the most often-asked questions by owners relates to Exclusive Options on modern PCNA window sticker formats. Owners often provide us with options codes and descriptions, but don’t know what constitutes a standard option and an exclusive option. We’ll do our best to explain the differences. […]

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Reflections on FA “Butzi” Porsche

It’s hard to imagine Porsche® without the 911 and its even more difficult to grasp the death of Ferdinand Alexander “Butzi” Porsche within the context of this: the most iconic sports car of the last 50 years outlasted the man at the drafting table responsible for the sketch-work, design, and ultimate production. Not many cars out-live their creator. Models come and go, transitioning from one name to another in a constant change of design, taste, and consumer interest.  Most models don’t last 10 years, let alone half a century.  A few sports cars like the Corvette and Mustang have labored [...]

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